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Dental Crowns

Porcelain crowns or caps are used to rebuild teeth when damage is so extensive that a filling cannot be used but the natural teeth can still be saved. A dental crown reconstructs the structure of a tooth after a fracture, heavy wear, large cavity or large existing filling, making it possible to prolong the tooth’s life and preserve its root. Traditionally crowns were made of all metal and were gold or silver in color. Eventually we started layering tooth colored porcelain over the metal, but these crowns still had a black or grey band of metal at the edge where it was against the tooth. Today we have porcelain materials that have equal strength and durability to the metal. All porcelain crowns are more esthetic and are safe for patients who have an allergy to metal or are simply concerned about the metal.

A dental crown covers the entire tooth, reshaping and replacing its surface while leaving the root and base of the natural tooth intact. This is a viable solution for issues like:

• Weak or brittle teeth
• Extensive tooth decay
• Extensive wear or damage to teeth
• Cracks or fractures
• Failed fillings

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