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Teeth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening removes external stains caused by foods like coffee, tea, red wine and berries and also lightens and brightens the actual color of your teeth, making them less yellow. The natural color of your teeth is inherited, just like red hair and blue eyes. Everyone’s teeth darken or get more of a yellow color as we age. Professional whitening lightens the actual color of your teeth making you look younger.


At-home professional tooth whitening uses a weaker version of the whitening chemical, applied to your teeth in custom fit trays that we make for you. At the first appointment we will measure the current color of your teeth and take impressions to fabricate the custom trays. At the second appointment we will deliver your trays and go over the instructions for whitening at home. You should not eat or drink while the trays are in place. After removing the trays, brush your teeth and rinse the trays out. The in-office and at home systems are equally effective, and the method you choose is simply your personal preference.


For professional whitening, the color of your teeth is changed internally, although they can still stain from colorful food and drink. The internal color will still slowly darken over time, as it is a process of aging. Many patients use trays to whiten their teeth at some regular interval (quarterly, annually) for one session to maintain the results of the initial color change.

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